Are you a small to medium size organization who may not have the resources to employ a full-time video streaming technician.  NetcastVideo is the answer.  Our low monthly cost and unlimited bandwidth, viewers & event duration  is a perfect fit for your organization. We provide all necessary equipment free of charge, ship to your location and configure everything for you remotely.

We are available for support 24/7 by telephone – you will get a real person that will immediately resolve the issue remotely from our home office.

  1. We install the encoding software on any PC or Mac in your location free of charge.  If you do not have the hardware we will provide for a small refundable deposit.
  2. We will ship the video capture card to you free of charge. USB or PCI option
  3. We will configure the encoder at your location via remote access.
  4. We will customize your flash video player with any logos or graphics you wish and provide an embed code for your website.
  5. Connect your video and audio sources to the capture device.
  6. Begin the live stream by simply pressing “start”  Full 1080p HD available for no additional cost.
  7. Our GCDN (Global Content Delivery Network) delivers your live streaming broadcast; and simultaneously creates video archive. Most current streaming protocol: H264 streaming to ANY and ALL Devices
  8. We will then link up your archive file into a playlist by Date, Title, Subject and make available for On-Demand viewing in the same embedded video player
    Viewers watch your message live around the world!


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