We offer broadcasting of your event(s) over the Internet. The broadcast can be a real time streaming audio/video and/or an archived audio/video, which can be viewed at any time.

Normally our customers have their own camera(s) and audio equipment. We supply encoding equipment free of charge, except for a refundable deposit. The audio/video feeds are sent through our encoder over the Internet to our servers which stream the audio/video in real time. The server also allows for archived audio/video which can be viewed on demand.

Depending on your needs, we can offer the broadcast with password protection, pay per view, chat features, and other communication options.


Churches use our services to reach out to their regular church members who are unable to attend services because of travel, illness, conflicts in scheduling, or other circumstances.

Other churches utilize our services as an entirely new and separate congregation. The church can receive donations directly over the Internet to support their operations.

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Weddings are special occasions for the entire family and all your friends. Unfortunately, not everyone you want to attend can find the time or money. Even if you are having a small intimate ceremony, you can include those not invited to attend the actual event. You can reach out and broadcast your wedding day to friends and family around the country and around the world.

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Funerals occur unexpectedly and on short notice. Depending on religious and cultural preferences, funerals can occur within 24 hours of death. Not everyone who would want to attend can attend for economic and/or scheduling reasons. The cost of last minute flights can be prohibited.

Bereaved can feel included by attending through streaming audio/video of the actual funeral. Church funerals, from churches equipped with our encoders, are available by simply requesting the service.

Funeral homes are just beginning to offer Internet services. Funeral services over the Internet can be password protected so that only friends and relatives can view the event.

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