Netcast Video vs. uStream


What makes Netcast Video BETTER than uStream..FAQ 

1. We provide all the necessary equipment free of charge and ship to your location (plug and play encoding unit, digital video encoding software, high end audio and video capture devices, connector adapters, etc) $300 refundable deposit.  competitor provides no encoding equipment or software.

2. Our encoding units are all pre-configured to stream video directly to our servers.  competitor you will need to figure out their configuration to stream to their servers.

3. We can automate the encoding process to start every Sunday morning at a desired time no operator required videographer only.  competitor does not support automation of encoding process

4. We archive the file immediately after the church service is over and will host ALL the archives indefinitely.  Competitor offers you 500mb storage that will not be enough to store ONE 2 hour service.

5. We offer UNLIMITED connections.  Competitor offers only 50.

6. We offer UNLIMITED bandwidth. This allows you to stream at a very high quality image. Competitor offers 100mbps enough for one service only at a low quality

7. We offer UNLIMITED publishing points.  Competitor give you TWO pub points.  (Pub points are the links that both live streaming and archive streaming use.  Competitor allows you one live pub point and one archive pub point or one Sunday service archive.

8. Our product is completely unbranded NO ADS.  Competitor may present your viewers with inappropriate advertising.

9. Ours is a FIXED – known monthly cost.  Competitor cost appears to be a per-event price.  You may receive an invoice at month end that could eliminate the yearly budget. You will require a technician to monitor usage etc.

10. We host all media and web access page on our servers and maintain all links.

11. We will add a donate now button to this archive access page if you wish

12. We have been working with the faith based community since our company began  in 2004 we know churches!

13. Our technicians are available by mobile phone 24/7  including Sunday morning for any potential problems