About Us


[one_half_last]NetCast Video, Inc. is a Colorado corporation founded in 2004. We specialize in using the Internet as a means to broadcast live and archived events around the corner and around the world. These broadcasts are economical for the broadcaster and allow for communication of audio and visual elements to a truly vast and global audience.
We have broadcasted events for churches, businesses, conferences, schools, and various types of other organizations. Churches utilize our services on a weekly basis to broadcast their weekly services to their regular members who are unable to physical attend and as a separate large congregation of new members from around the country and the world.
We also broadcast events on a more unstructured time frame. Funerals are broadcast from churches for family and friend unable to attend a funeral due to scheduling conflicts, cost constraints, and physical inability to travel. Business meetings, conferences, news conferences, and political meetings can all be scheduled on a one time bases.
With 24/7 technical assistance, we are available to offer technical solutions as well as discuss your individual needs.