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Internet streaming of audio/visual events is a WORLD WIDE opportunity.

There are hundreds of thousands of churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples of different religious denominations. They can grow their congregations and donations by streaming their services around the world.

As the world’s population grows and ages, the number of funerals will increase. Most funeral homes don’t realize this potential for completive advantage and for an additional profit stream.

Educational organizations can use streaming audio/video for classroom instruction (especially with the chat feature), graduations, sporting events, plays and concerts. Streaming can be a recruitment advantage.

Businesses can use streaming for business meetings, award ceremonies, marketing presentations, training of staff, training of sales forces on new products and services, news conferences, and companywide announcements and presentations.

The use of streaming is limited only by one’s imagination.

We are looking to expand our marketing through individual sales personnel, audio/visual professionals, suppliers of goods and services to businesses and churches, as well as others who are interested in this cutting edge technology. Contact us to discuss your specific area and our commission/marketing incentives.