Thursday Afternoon, October 20th

2:00 - Worship with Dennis Jernigan
2:40 - Message - Michael Wright
3:20 - Worship with Dennis Jernigan
4:00 - Message by Dr. Reggie McNeal

6:30 - Worship with Dennis Jernigan
7:00 - Message by Dr. Bob Reccord

Friday Morning, October 21st
Theme: Days of Glory Past

8:30 - Worship with Dennis Jernigan

8:45 - Call to Order - Tobey Williams, CBGC President
Seating of Messengers
Introduction of Guests
Appointment of Committee on Order of Business
Appointment of Parliamentarian
Welcome and Announcements - Calvin Wittman, Host Pastor
9:00 - Business Session #1
Introduction of Business - Tobey Williams
Resolutions Committee (Introduction)
Credentials Committee
Nominating Committee
Place/Preacher Committee
Election of President
Executive Board Report and Business
9:45 - Greetings
LifeWay - Bill Henry, Church Resource Division, LifeWay
GuideStone - Brad Thompson, Area Director, GuideStone
New Mexico Foundation - Martha Speakman, New Mexico Foundation
SBC Seminaries - Paige Patterson, President SWBTS
Executive Board - Jack Wilkerson, SBC VP for Business and Finance
10:00 - Awards Presentations - Mark Edlund, CBGC Executive Director
10:15 - Testimony

10:30 - Worship with Dennis Jernigan

10:40 - Message - Lewis Adkison
Prayer - Justin Williams, Vista Grande Baptist Church

Friday Afternoon, October 21st
Theme: Days of Glory Present

2:00 - Worship with Dennis Jernigan

2:15 - Business Session #2 - Tobey Williams
Committee on Committees
Resolutions Committee
Proposed 2006 Calendar
Proposed CBGC Budget - Doug Lohrey, CBGC Associate Executive Director
Proposed Foundation Budget
Proposed Ponderosa Budget
Election of 1st and 2nd VP and Recording Secretaries
2:40 - Introduction of New Officers
2:45 - Greeting from GGBTS - Jeff Iorg, President, GGBTS
2:50 - Partnership Report - Darrin Crow, Pastor, Heart of Junction
3:00 - Testimony - Korey Buchanek, Pastor, Hope Valley Church

3:15 - Worship with Dennis Jernigan

3:30 - Message - Bob Reccord

Prayer - Jen Zebel, Children's Director, Applewood Baptist Church

Friday Evening, October 21st
Theme: Days of Glory Future

7:00 - We are Colorado Baptists
Executive Director's Report - Mark Edlund

7:30 - Worship with Larnell Harris and Mass Choir

7:50 - SBC Greeting - Bobby Welch, President, SBC

8:10 - Worship with Larnelle Harris and Mass Choir

8:30 - Message - Thom Rainer, President, LifeWay Christian Resources
Prayer - Sungho Park, Pastor, Gethsemane Community Korean Church

The live broadcasts on Thursday evening and Friday evening will be the entire program. However, due to copyright restrictions, the archives for those evenings will only include the messages and business sessions. No worship services/special music will be archived.


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